Doctors and dieticians
recommend a 10% weight loss as an ideal & achievable first step. There are big health benefits in losing just 10% of your body weight! Focus on step 1 and once you've achieved it, reset your target to lose 10% more until you reach your goal...

For example
A 5ft 4" female weighing 11st 7lbs, wanting to weigh 9st 11lbs is aiming for a loss of 14% body weight....

  • Set your first goal at 10st 4lbs - this is a weight loss of 1st 3lbs or 10%.
  • Then when you reach it, reset your target to your final goal weight of 9st 11lbs - for the remaining 8lbs.

(Metric: A female weighing 73.0kg aiming for 62.4kg should first aim for 65.4kg, then reset the target for the final 3.0kg)

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3. Activity Levels

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LIGHT - Professional and technical worker, administrative and managerial, Sales reps., clerical and related worker, housewife.

MODERATE - Sales worker, service worker, domestic helper, student, transport worker, some construction work, e.g. joiner, roofer

MODERATE/HEAVY - Equipment operator, labourer, agricultural worker, some construction work, e.g. bricklayer, mason


INACTIVE - Driving, cooking, washing up, dusting, cleaning, vacuuming, cooking, playing snooker, bowls

MODERATELY ACTIVE - Making beds, painting and decorating, mopping floor, gardening, cleaning windows, playing table tennis, sailing, playing rounders, golf

VERY ACTIVE - Polishing furniture, heavy gardening, chopping wood, volley ball, dancing, cycling, football, tennis, jogging, energetic swimming, skiing

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4. My Personal Goals

It's tempting to want to lose weight fast, but there are many reasons why cutting down hugely on what you eat isn't good.

1. It's hard to keep up for long and usually ends up in binge eating, leaving you feeling a failure.

2. Your body starts using up its energy stores which includes muscle as well as fat.

3. Your body thinks you're starving it and starts to slow down your metabolic rate to save energy (calories).

4. It doesn't help long term as you're not learning how to eat better for life.

Ideal weight loss is 1 – 2 lbs a week(about 1/2 - 1 kg). The slower you lose weight, the better chance it stays off.
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